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Underfloor Heating in 2021 – more efficient & more affordable

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Underfloor hydronic heating is the most luxurious form of heating your home. It works by evenly distributing radiant heat throughout the room as it warms from the floor up, which is the ideal heat distribution for the human body (warmest at feet, coolest near head).  

 Traditionally underfloor heating has always been very expensive to run, but at Integrated Electrical & Solar we use systems that are powered by an efficient air to water outdoor heat pump. 

As modern heat pumps can create up to 4.5kW of heating power for every 1kW of power they consume this means that underfloor heating running costs can be brought down by up to 78% simply by using this type of heat pump rather than traditional elements to heat the floor. 

This means that nowadays hydronic underfloor heating is now an economically viable option for heating the entire home. So if you are building new, not looking to cool your home in the summer, or don’t like the feeling of ducted heat pumps creating air flow in your home, Hydronic underfloor heating could be for you. 

Warm water underfloor heating achieves a high level of comfort with no aesthetic impact on the inside of your home. The underfloor pipes are laid beneath the flooring, which means the system is hidden from view and, unlike radiators or surface mounted hot air heat pumps, takes up no wall space.  There are options to set up multiple zones, allowing separate temperature control in different areas. 

It is also worth noting that Hydronic underfloor heating can be added to existing homes, but the installation cost is usually higher, however, Installation on existing homes can be simplified if a large-scale renovation is taking place. 

This combined with economical running costs, gives warm water underfloor heating an advantage over many forms of heating, including electric underfloor heating.